Yantsec™ Security Solutions

за 1 година
This secures your Website with daily scanning for malware and hardening your WordPress install in general. Should you get infected, our service automatically enforces the cleaning of any malware or virus without affecting your site.
за 1 година
Security+ Backup
In addition of the Security features, this option also takes daily backups of your WordPress installation. At any time you can choose to restore any of the past 90 day restore points. Good peace of mind, no matter what happens!
за 1 година
Security+ Maintenance
This is it. King of the hill. If you want to focus on growing your business and prefer us to take care of your WordPress site plugin updates, core updates and all the other time consuming stuff, then choose this one. You will also get your personal WP- focused geek to help you out on any WordPress related questions you might have. If something breaks in a middle of a paid ad campaign it is soothing to know that help is reachable 24/7.